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When I was eleven I joined the Scouts. There were only about eight of us in our troop. We met in an old cow shed and were not very well organised. Quite often Skip; the Scout Leader, didn't bother turning up. 
But we didn't mind. We just went off down the woods and had a good time doing the sort of things that Gribble; the Alien Scout teaches, Dimbert Wimbush to do in 
'Bing Bang Boogie, It's a Boy Scout.'

4_bbbcover150x72 copy.jpg
1_gggcover150x72 copy.jpg

At the week-ends we went marching off to camp

                       just like the 3rd Balsawood Road Scouts do in 

                                                        'Ging Gang Goolie, it's an Alien'.


This was me then


and this is me now


( I'm the one in the hat)

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