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Three plays: Author: Bob Wilson with illustrations by Garry Parsons.

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Published by Pearson

Rigby Star Guided. Navigator Plays: Year 3 Brown Level 

Specially built for success in Foundation and KS1 guided reading

Part of Rigby Navigator's programme of fiction and non-fiction texts for creative, effective guided reading sessions for all Key Stage 2 children. 

Perfect for helping teachers deliver speaking, listening and drama objectives alongside their guided reading.


“Highly acclaimed teaching support with pick-up-and-go Teaching Guides that are perfect for helping you deliver Assessing Pupils' Progress. Full genre coverage at the right length and level.”  

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 Pearson Rigby Navigator. Short stories: For Year 3



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An adventure story.

Author: Bob wilson

Illustrator: Francis Fung 


Published by Ginn

A book in the Pocket Tales Series Year 6

(ISBN - 0-602-24167-7)


The World of Zakatron

A graphic Novel


Author :Bob Wilson

Illustrator: James Brown

Published by Pearson

One of three  stories in the Weird and Wonderful

Science fiction series.




Grandpa's bright ideas.

Bob Wison Author illustrator


Published by Ginn 

in the Lighthouse Gold series

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It's an heroic tale of daring deeds, dangerous dragons, blood, gore, smoked cheese - and motherhood.

"Wilson's strip cartoons are bright, idiosyncratic, and hilarious. He juxtaposes the action and words of what really happened with how the story would come down in history, as a narrative poem in archaic, high-flown language. This is both very funny and an extremely useful lesson for young readers, to show the difference between legend and reality.Wonderful - should be there on every school bookshelf!"
Children's Books UK 


Frances Lincoln 2006. 


Once again Bob Wilson's deceptively naive comic images win the day.
Raymond Briggs
Times Ed Supplement

Gollancz(ISBN 0-575-03817-9)

Lynx (ISBN 0-575-04337-7) Delacorte(ISBN 0385-29602-0)

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What a cracking book! Brilliant illustrations and an entertaining exciting story.My daughter (now 30) remembers this book clearly and won’t part with it!

Amazon Review 2019


William Collins


Egmont 2006 

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