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Pump Street Primary


    Eight hugely entertaining school stories         containing lots of funny surprises and            accompanied by amusing black and white       illustrations.                                              
     Book Trust Review.100 Best Books of 2001                                                                                         

 Dangerous daisy               

Miss Twigg wants the head teacher to have a surprise on his birthday. Thanks to Daisy he does.


Macmillan 2000 (ISBN - 00330370928)

Barry's Bear                       

When Miss twigg takes her class on a trip to a nature park she doesn't expect the wild life to be quite so wild.


Macmillan 2000 (ISBN - 0330370901)

Flying Flo                       

Flo Potts has a very positive attitude. Miss Twigg says she could go a long way. At the school fete she nearly does.


Macmillan (ISBN 0330370944)

Football Fred                     

Fred's a dancer not a goalie. When he gets picked for the match against St Mildred's he says he'll do his best. But will his best be good enough?


Macmillan 2000 (ISBBN 0330370901x)

Monica's Monster             

Most children like animals but not the sort that Monica likes. so when she says "please, Miss. would you like to see my new pet?" Miss Twigg says....


Macmillan (ISBN - 0330370936)

Rashid's Rescue                 

Miss Twigg thinks that if all the children in her class were like Rashid her life would be free from stress. But when she takes them on a factory visit something happens to make her change her mind.


Macmillan 2000 (ISBN - 0330370952

Lucky Lily                       

When Miss Twigg chooses Lily to perform a special task at the school fashion show everyone is pleased for her - except Nicola Boot. Will the show go according to plan?


Macmillan 2001 (ISBN - 0330398180)

Daring Dan                      

Craig, Terry, Barry and Mark think that Dan is a bit of a wimp. But when Miss Twigg takes the class on a canal trip, who is it who dares when the others are scared?


Macmillan 2001 (ISBN- 0330398199)

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